Modular Power System for Office Interior

Modular power system utilizing the ready-to-use technology. By means of modular wiring system, it offers flexibility and adding plenty of convenient places for power supply.

Floor Power Distribution System

Power and Electrical Solutions for Commercial Offices

  • Meet power supply and electrical distribution needs while accommodating future modifications, reconfigurations, and expansion of the facility.
  • Easy maintenance, accessible power, data, and telecom services instantly.
  • Reduce installation time, risk, and electrical works.
  • Can improve sites overall safety while keeping the interior design style.
Floor Power Distribution System

Power and Cable Management

We offer different kinds of power and cable management for your workplace.

  • Wireless Charging
  • Desktop interlink power system
  • Under-desk interlink power system
  • Pop-up power and USB outlet module
  • Desktop clamp mount
  • Pop-up box power socket module

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